Leads API


This is a Yelp Partner API

Access is disabled by default. See Yelp Partner APIs on how to get access.


The Yelp Leads API provides a means for Yelp partners to get notified, read and respond to Leads generated by Yelp users, such as conversations.

Leads API access is currently only available to Yelp advertising and listing management partners. Please inquire about becoming a partner on those pages if you'd like to access this API.

The partners will need to setup authorization and webhooks before they can use the APIs. Each of these setups are explained in detail in the next sections.

Once the initial authentication and webhook setups are done, the partners will get notified about every new interaction for the businesses they have subscribed to (see Business Subscriptions API with type WEBHOOK). They can use the Read APIs (Get Lead/ Get Interaction events) to get the full list of interaction events for a particular lead. The Write APIs enable the partners to mark a lead as read, reply to a lead, and mark a lead as replied outside of Yelp.

Business Requirements

Please note that you can only get leads data for businesses that are currently advertising on Yelp.



Webhooks are used to notify the partner about a new lead, or a new interaction in an existing lead, for a given business. Follow the guide below to learn more about the leads webhooks.

Rate Limiting

All the Leads API endpoints have a default rate limit of 5 requests per second per client per endpoint. The limits are configurable for clients, contact us to know more.

API Endpoints

The Leads API exposes endpoints for different use cases. Follow the links below to know more about each endpoint.