Reviews Webhooks


This page described the details of the Reviews Webhooks. For the general webhook setup please see Webhooks.

Format of Webhook Messages (POST Requests)

Webhook POST request body is a JSON object with the following format:

Full Webhook Payload
Webhooks will include a timestamp, an object of "business" and data related to the message. The "id" inside of data refers to the business_id related to the update.

    "time": "2020-10-10T19:30:27.731910",
    "object": "business",
    "data": {
        "id": "3l54GTr8-E3XPpxxnF_sAA",
        "updates": [
                "event_type": "NEW_REVIEW_EVENT",
                "review_id": "9CNz4nWU59PIZsiDV9sSVQ",
                "rating": 5.0,
                "language": "en",
                "user_id": "vey7Vnlh-M0bLtpd1nB9Aw"

Update Message
Within the update, there are several Update Message objects available. The 'event_type' key should be used to identify the type of the message.

New Review Event:

    'event_type': 'NEW_REVIEW_EVENT',
    'review_id': 'D73wpY6vVS75JXlZjJvmSA',
    'rating': 5.0,
    'language': 'en',
    'user_id': 'ZnXozNY_u-h3RyBtScoGfA',

Request Attributes

Field nameDescriptionData type
'event_type'The type of event this update representsString
'review_id'The ID of the reviewString
'rating'The rating given in the reviewFloat
'language'The language in which the review was writtenString
'user_id'The ID of the user who posted the review.String

Review Deleted Event

    'event_type': 'REVIEW_REMOVED_EVENT',
    'review_id': 'D73wpY6vVS75JXlZjJvmSA',
    'user_id': 'D73wpY6vVS75JXlZjJvmSA',

Review Edited Event

    'event_type': 'REVIEW_EDITED_EVENT',
    'review_id': 'D73wpY6vVS75JXlZjJvmSA',
    'user_id': 'D73wpY6vVS75JXlZjJvmSA',


Q: How soon do I get notification for new reviews?
A: Yelp Webhook notifies you of new reviews at the same time as we notify business owners through email and/or app push notifications. It could be immediately or sometimes within hours.

Q: Why isn't their review text in the webhook?
A: Yelp Webhook currently does not return full text reviews. You can obtain review_id in the Webhook, and use the JSON feed or Knowledge Reviews API for full text reviews, and match with the review_id.

Q: How soon should I call Knowledge review endpoint after the webhook notification?
A: We recommend calling the Knowledge review endpoint as soon as you get the webhook notification. For example, if your contract with Yelp is 3 full text reviews for Knowledge Review endpoint and you are delayed, in calling the Knowledge Review Endpoint, the review you are looking for may not be returned as it is NOT the latest 3 reviews anymore. It also depends on how popular the business is. Some business get 3 reviews per day, some businesses get a lot more reviews per day, so please plan accordingly.

Q: Why didn't I receive notifications on my test locations?
A: That is correct. Webhook does not return notifications on test locations.

Q: I received a notification, but why wasn't the review returned when I call the Knowledge Review API?
A: In some cases, we may mark a review as unrecommended. In that case, that review is not returned in the Knowledge Review API.

Q: Will I get a webhook POST when a review is updated?

Q: Will I get a webhook POST when a business owner publishes a response to a review?
A: No this feature isn't currently supported.

Q: Can we add your IP addresses to an allow list to verify the requests are coming from Yelp?
A: Yes, we can share the list of IPs that will send webhook payloads.