Fusion and GraphQL Daily Rate Limits Changed

Today, May 16th 2023, we are changing the daily rate limits for both Fusion and GraphQL for new clients.


Business Subscriptions API published

The Business Subscriptions API has been published. This new API combines the Location Subscriptions, Listing Management and Webhooks subscriptions into one simply to use API.


Reporting API v3 published

Reporting API v3 has been published. This new version includes easier authentication including self serve credential management, improved error messages and other small improvements, while the request and response schemas for successful responses stays the same.


Migrated Fusion API and GraphQL documentation

We've migrated the documentation guides and endpoint references for both Fusion API and GraphQL to


Refresh Token lifetime increased to 365 days

The Refresh token lifetime has been increased to 365 days. All newly issued refresh token will now expire after 365 days.


Listing Management and Location Subscription limit increases

Get Subscribed Business List increased limit from 1 000 to 10 000.
Retrieve subscriptions increased limit from 1 000 to 10 000.