Getting Started

Before getting started, it is important to get familiar with the documentation required for a successful on-boarding and integration process. Included in this guide are API documentation for the following APIs:

  • Data Ingestion API: Ability to update listing names, address, telephone, URL, photo uploads, store hours, claim listings, and algorithmically match listings
  • Advertising API: Ability to pass through client's CPC, Branded Profile, Enhanced Profile programs to Yelp
  • Reporting API: Ability to display a business's metrics
  • Location Subscription API: Ability to to add/modify the list of businesses that appear in partners subscription feeds
  • Respond-to-Review API: Allow clients to respond, publicly, to reviews and publish straight to Yelp.
  • Partner Support API: Allow partners to retrieve the latest business information, migration information and advertising program information about their businesses.
  • Platform API: For partners that provide booking, orders, reservations, and other forms of transactions. Allow partners to create/update/cancel orders that were initiated on Yelp website/app.

For access to the Public Business Match API v3 (Fusion), please click below.


Please do not make API calls for an API that you do not have rights to. Each API requires a separate set of credentials (username/password). If you make a call for an API that you do not have rights to, you will get an error. If you are unsure which API you have access to, please reach out to your company's business development/partnership team.