OAuth Authorization


Yelp's OAuth system that uses a client_id and client_secret is private and reserved for specific official partnerships. To get set up with access please inquire directly with your Yelp relationship manager. This API enables partners to register their own systems or authorized third-party systems (referred to as “Application Clients” or “clients” in this document) to be able to execute actions on Yelp on a business user’s behalf. Based on the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework RFC 6749, Yelp grants an access token following a user’s successful login into the site, and in turn uses that token to authorize the user’s review response to be submitted.

APIs using OAuth Authorization:


Before the application client system can initiate a request for an access token, the partner must register with Yelp as a client of our OAuth Authorization system. Upon registration, the client will be issued a client ID and a client secret to be used in requests.