Respond to Reviews API


This is a Yelp Partner API

Access is disabled by default. See Yelp Partner APIs on how to get access.


The Yelp Respond to Reviews (R2R) API is an external-facing API for Yelp partners to respond to business reviews. On the Yelp for Business Owners site, business owners can view and respond to reviews that are publicly viewable on Yelp.

OAuth Authorization Workflow

Yelp Policy for Respond to Reviews (R2R) API Partners

See FAQs & Policies.

API Endpoints

Respond to Review

API Reference Docs for this endpoint

The access token assigned to the business user must be included in this request. This request also includes the actual response to a review. The {review_id} is obtained from the Yelp Full-text Review API or a Yelp Partner Feed.

The client constructs the request by including the following parameters using the “application/json” format in the HTTP request entity-body. The access token must be included in the HTTP request header Authorization.

Review Response Parameters


Parameter NameRequirementDescription
response_textRequiredResponse text in UTF-8 characters. Emojis are not currently supported in.
response_typeRequiredResponse type - only possible value is public_comment

Retrieve information about the business owner associated with access token

API Reference Docs for this endpoint



  "first_name": "Chris",
  "last_name": "Sample",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "position": "MANAGER",
  "id": "ziUn,iIXzXAuv-hUpCOadA",
  "photo_url": ""

Error Codes and Resolutions

Here are the common error codes you can encounter when posting a business owners response.

Error CodeDescription and how to resolve.
Photo is missing, unacceptable, or pending.Direct the business owner to this page to add a new photo. If this is for an enterprise business, you can also submit this request through our shared escalations document.
Unacceptable biz user name.Direct the business owner to this page to update their business username. If this is for an enterprise business, you can also submit this request through our shared escalations document.
You do not have permission to comment on that review.This means the business owner hasn't claimed the location whose review they're trying to respond to. To resolve: 1) if an enterprise location please add this claim request to our shared escalations doc or 2) if SMB either submit a claim request via our claim API or direct the business owner here to claim their page.
Review does not exist.Double check that you have the right review_id. This error could also be the result of the consumer deleting their review.
Review already has a comment by a different business user.Reviews can only have one response on them. No action needed to resolve this error as the review has already been responded too
Internal ErrorSomething unexpected happened please retry the request or reach out to [email protected] if retries are unsuccessful. If you submit a response with emojis in it, that will also result in this error message, remove the emojis and retry.
This location does not include the respond-to-reviews feature. Contact your official Yelp Partner for more information.This location hasn't been authorized for review response. Authorization is typically handled by the location subscription api. To resolve this error please subscribe to this location.
Cannot determine the status of your business.Please retry the request or reach out to [email protected] with relevant api request details.
You are not allowed to comment at this time.You might've exceeded the 20 review responses per location per day limit. Wait then retry.
Invalid response text.Double check the text you're sending. Review response text must be UTF-8.