Fulfillment API

This specifies the API that Partners must implement on their servers to provide real-time fulfillment availability checks for their services - for example, for checking if a restaurant delivers to a user-specified delivery address. This is an important step in the checkout flow and is a prerequisite check before Yelp lets the user build an order via the iframe to the Partner.


This is a Yelp Partner API

Access is disabled by default. See Yelp Partner APIs on how to get access.

If you are upgrading from v1 APIs

  • the request is now a formal Opportunity resource
  • request now has service_type, selected_option, and availability_constraints
  • all "delivery"-specific wording is now generally at_customer
  • fulfillment_address is now address_constraint (just a string)
  • partner needs to send us address suggestions when relevant
  • [2014-8-12] Added RepeatOrderConstraint and expectations from the partner iframe when showing a re-order.
  • [2014-8-12] Provided a recommended precedence order for checking multiple availability constraints.
  • [2014-8-12] Added 2 more enums to AvailabilityStatus enum to handle repeat orders.
  • [2015-3-1] Added a customer_address dict to the CustomerAddressConstraint resource