Partner Feeds


This is a Yelp Partner API

Access is disabled by default. See Yelp Partner APIs on how to get access.


Yelp provides an easy way for partners to get access to current Yelp data (as files in JSON format) on a regular basis. Partners can access the feed through a secure file share where Yelp uploads up-to-date data on a daily basis.

Onboarding steps

  1. Yelp/Partner contract signed.
  2. Partner provides GPG key so Yelp can generate and return credentials to the partner in
    a secure way.
  3. Yelp sets up an Amazon S3 location to securely share for partner (typically
  4. Yelp sets up an internal pipeline to drop a full data dump of all requested data in JSON
    format in the secure file share on a regular basis. (typical S3 filename looks like
  5. Yelp uses the partner's provided GPG key to generate credentials for accessing the
    secure file share on S3.
  6. Yelp shares the credentials (a filename like {partner}_s3_credentials.asc) & access instructions with partner.

Accessing the Data

Example of how to access feeds using s3cmd:

$ s3cmd ls s3://yelp-syndication/{partner}/
2014-02-07 04:56 15176012734 s3://yelp-syndication/{partner}/20140207_businesses.json.gz 
$ s3cmd get s3://yelp-syndication/{partner}/20140207_businesses.json.gz

Example of how to access feeds using boto in Python:

>>> from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection
>>> conn = S3Connection(<ACCESS_KEY_ID>, <SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>) >>> bucket = conn.get_bucket('yelp-syndication', validate=False)
>>> list(bucket.list('<partner>/'))
<Key: yelp-syndication,<partner>/20140207_businesses.json.gz>]
>>> bucket.get_key('<partner>/20140207_businesses.json.gz').get_contents_to_filename('feed.gz')

Common Issues

Decrypting & viewing S3 credentials file

Yelp will provide a file with a filename like {partner}_s3_credentials.asc This file contains S3 access key ID and secret access key, but is encrypted.

To decrypt:

gpg --decrypt <partner>_s3_credentials.asc

The contents of the decrypted file should look like:

 Access Key ID:
 <a long, random-looking string>
Secret Access Key:
<a very long, random-looking string>

This information can be used to access partner's JSON feeds on S3 using s3cmd, boto, etc. (see 'Accessing the Data' above

When trying to access S3 data, an error occurs...

  1. If your business already uses Amazon S3, check that you are using the S3 credentials generated & provided by Yelp, rather than your existing credentials.

  2. Check that the S3 Access Key ID and Secret Access Key you are using are correct by re-decrypting the credentials file provided by yelp.

  3. Check that all characters in your command are ASCII

When a Biz ID is not return in the feed ...

There are a couple of reasons why a Biz ID is not returned in the feed

  1. Biz ID is a test location (most of the case)

  2. Biz that is inactive, restricted

  3. Biz ID is being merged/migrated to another Biz ID and becomes inactive after the merge. You can find the new biz-id that being merged/migrated into by using our Business Detail endpoint (check out the 301 error code).


Check out our Yelp Knowledge API Reference Page

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