Location Subscription API


Location Subscription API is deprecated

Please migrate to the Business Subscriptions API


Location Subscription is the system that generates data on Yelp businesses and stores it on Amazon S3 buckets. Partners can use the Location Subscription API to modify the list of businesses that appear in their subscription feed. The API has add, remove, list, and quota endpoints.

The add and remove and endpoints start asynchronous jobs to add/remove businesses. As such a successful request represents that such a job was created. The actual adding/removal will then be processed. These jobs can't be awaited.

v1 to v2 Changelog

This section highlights the notable changes between Location Subscription API v1 and v2.

  • The add and remove endpoints are now asynchronous. A successful completed request confirms that an asynchronous job was started to add or remove businesses.
  • The add and remove endpoints do no longer returns any fields
  • The list endpoints returns more information (subscribed date, total)
  • The quota endpoint includes the allowed and remaining subscriptions number


Authentication uses basic HTTP authentication over SSL. Credentials are provided separately.

Rate Limiting

Default of 1000 requests per 30 minutes.


See Endpoints


Response Params

Field NameField Description
errorError object generated by this request
error.descriptionA text containing more details about the error
error.idUnique identifier for the error
  "error": {
    "description": "ERROR_DESCRIPTION", 
    "id": "ERROR_ID",