Get Lead Events

Returns the events belonging to a given Lead ID.


To fetch the events belonging to a lead with the ID "jPlz8TM628rzyCRPqrtcvm", send an authenticated GET request to the following URL:

For the above request, a successful GET call would return the lead events if they exist in our system.
A sample response is shown in the example response box on the right under "200 - Result"


The order of the leads will be as shown on Yelp, following a messaging view where the last message in the list represents the latest message in the conversation.
While the order will mostly follow the time_created, this isn't guaranteed and might deviate for certain events.
The pagination of the events is determined by the parameters older_than_cursor and newer_than_cursor.
To fetch events that should be shown before a particular event, use the event's cursor as the value for the parameter older_than_cursor while calling the API.
Similarly, to fetch events that should be shown after a particular event, use the event's cursor as the value for the parameter newer_than_cursor while calling the API.


Using simplified API responses.

Assuming the following Message view on Yelp

> Consumer Message 1

      Biz Response 1 <

>Consumer Message 2

      Biz Response 2 <

>Consumer Message 3

API Responses

No limit

Notice how the latest event is the last entry in the array of events.
["Consumer Message 1", "Biz Response 1", "Consumer Message 2", "Biz Response 2", "Consumer Message 3"]


Only the latest event shown on Yelp is returned.
["Consumer Message 3"]


Only the latest 2 events shown on Yelp are returned. The latest event is still the last entry in the array of events.
["Biz Response 2", "Consumer Message 3"]

Limit and Cursor

If you specify newer_than_cursor/older_than_cursor you will get events directly following/preceding that cursor.

limit=2&newer_than_cursor=Consumer Message 1

The 2 events directly following Consumer Message 1 are the following:
["Biz Response 1", "Consumer Message 2"]

limit=2&older_than_cursor=Consumer Message 3

The 2 events directly preceding Consumer Message 3 are the following:
["Consumer Message 2", "Biz Response 2"]

limit=2&older_than_cursor=Consumer Message 1

No event was sent before Consumer Message 1


This endpoint is part of the Leads API, visit Leads API to learn more.

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