Cancel Order

Cancel a Yelp Checkout Order.

This can be called anytime after an order is created. Any associated credit card auths will be cancelled, and any charges refunded. The order will transition into a cancelled state and no further actions can be performed on the order.

Like /update, this operation is asynchronous as well. That is, after passing basic sanity checks, it immediately returns an HTTP 200 response that includes the yelp_order_id and an order_request_id, which will later be included as part of the partner notification that will notify the partner of the success or failure of the cancel request.

Any amount that has been collected by Yelp minus the cancellation_fee will be refunded to the user before the Order transitions to the cancelled state. This implies that Yelp may charge the user credit card if the amount thus far collected is not sufficient to cover the cancellation_fee.

The Partner should call /cancel whenever the Order becomes invalid, for instance:

  • when user cancels the Order via Partner or business
  • when the Order can not be fulfilled because business closed or depleted inventory
  • when the reservation timeslot is no longer available
  • when user cancels through Yelp and a cancellation policy applies, the order will transition to a temporary state and await to go to CANCEL_PENDING

The partner must call /cancel to bring the order to a canceled state and charge/refund CC if needed:

  • when business through the partner reports a "no show" for an appointment.

The Partner may specify a cancellation fee if the user needs to pay to cancel the order.

Orders that have stayed in the "pending_user_submit" state for longer than two weeks will be auto-cancelled by Yelp.

Although the request body only contains optional fields, the body itself MUST both be sent and be valid JSON. If you wish to specify none of the optional request arguments, simply encode an empty JSON object.


This is the net amount that Yelp is to charge the user for cancelling this order. Yelp will ensure that the specified amount is ultimately charged to the user (assuming we can collect on the CC). Here are some examples for illustration:

CC hold case, cancellation fee $0 - the business owner does not wish to charge a fee

CC hold case, cancellation fee $100 - the business owner wants to charge $100 for cancellation

Deposit $100, cancellation fee $0 - the business owner does not wish to charge a fee, so Yelp will refund the $100

Deposit $100, cancellation fee $100 - the business owner wishes to retain the deposit, Yelp does not need to do anything wrt to CC charges, just bring the order to CANCELLED state.

Deposit $100, cancellation fee $25 - the business owner only wishes to charge $25 for the cancellation, so yelp will refund $75 back to CC


This endpoint is part of the Checkout API, visit Checkout API to learn more.

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