Subscribe to businesses

Create business subscriptions of the given types. Subscriptions are created asynchronously after a request is accepted.
There is a maximum number of subscriptions with type YELP_KNOWLEDGE that can be active in the current month. Use Get Quota to retrieve the quota information.

To create business subscriptions of type LISTING_MANAGEMENT and YELP_KNOWLEDGE for two businesses, sent a POST request to the following URL:

Containing the following request body:

  "subscription_types": ["LISTING_MANAGEMENT", "YELP_KNOWLEDGE"],
  "business_ids": ["4U9kSBLuBDU391x6bxU-YA", "7w8SVwIEhxZ7jPnMUFYrng"]

Note: Each subscription type requires configuration by Yelp to access, please reach out to [email protected] to configure access.


This endpoint is part of the Business Subscriptions API, visit Business Subscriptions API to learn more.

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