Update Order

Update an existing Yelp Checkout Order by passing a Order object as the Partner wishes it to be.

Fields that cannot be updated: yelp_order_id, service, billing_type, partner_business_id, collection_type. These must be included as part of the Order object, but should match those passed when the order was created.

This operation is asynchronous, in that only basic sanity checking is done at the time the update request is submitted to Yelp, and, barring failure of those, the operation immediately returns an HTTP 200 response that includes the yelp_order_id and an order_request_id, which is a unique identifier for this partner request. Once submitted, Yelp will attempt to process this update request, including re-examining transactions associated with the order. The final success or failure of the operation is then delivered to the Partner by POSTing an OrderStatusChangeNotification to the notification_url provided at order creation time. This notification will include the matching order_request_id given to the Partner when the request was submitted.

A Yelp Checkout Order may be updated before and after charges are made. However, only one update request may be outstanding at a time. That is, a Partner cannot submit a second update request before an OrderStatusChangeNotification is received for the first.

On every update call, all transactions on the Order are re-examined and possibly cancelled or replaced by up-to-date transactions.

See Order resource for more info.


This endpoint is part of the Checkout API, visit Checkout API to learn more.

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