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66 attributes

Business name
Business address
Phone number
Hours of operation
Average star rating
Review count
Closure status
Yelp profile URL
Business profile photo
Yelp Reservations
Yelp Waitlist
Yelp Request a Quote
Yelp food order
Yelp menu URL
Hot & New Status
Review intro (3 per business)
Top photos (3 per business)
Business website URL
RAQ response rate
RAQ response time
Service area
Reviews & Photos
Review Highlights
More top photos
Photo captions
Photo labels
Photo count
About the Business
Business history
Business role
Business specialities
Business summary
Owner's name
Photo thumbnail
Year established
Customer Experience
Best nights
Dogs allowed
Gluten-fee options
Good for dancing
Good for groups
Good for kids
Good for working
Good for meal type
Noise level
Outdoor seating
Vegan options
Vegetarian options
Waiter service
Additional features
Accepts Apple Pay
Accepts credit cards
Accepts Google Pay
Alcohol served
Happy hour special
Has TV
Offers catering
Offers delivery
Offers reservations
Offers takeout
Parking options
Pool table

Available Endpoints

You can find the full endpoint catalog on the "Start Building Your Application" page. Below are the most popular Yelp Fusion API endpoints.
API Endpoint Description & notes
Business Search This endpoint can be utilized for "Nearby Search" or "Business Search" based on keywords. Additionally, our platform offers a range of powerful search filters that can be leveraged based on your chosen plan.
Business Details Access to rich business attributes based on your selected plan.
Need more photos? Apply here.
Reviews Get up to 3 review excerpts for a business.
Need more review excerpts? Apply here.
Review Highlights A review highlight includes a link to the corresponding photo for the highlight, a sentence that includes the highlight and review_count that mentions this highlight.
Autocomplete This endpoint returns autocomplete suggestions for search keywords, businesses, and categories based on the input text.
AI API This endpoint comprehends natural language search queries and delivers contextual information such as search results, detailed business information, contextual photos, and contextual review excerpts. In certain cases, it also offers AI-generated summaries. Feel free to try it out directly in our UI Playground!

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